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Home tips to stop hair fall & hair loss

HEALTH & BEAUTY March 23, 2015 751 Comments

Hair fall and hair loss has become a very common problem and it can be because of many reasons like hormonal imbalance, stress, improper diet, oily scalp, hereditary, dandruff and lastly frequent change in water can also be a cause. It is very important to find out the right cause

home-tips-to-stop-hair-fall-hair-loss of hair fall and then begin with the treatment. No need to waste lots of money on treatment just use the gift of nature given by the God.

Here are some home tips to stop hair fall & hair loss :

1. Coriander - Another useful remedy is the use of coriander juice, it helps in promoting new hair growth and combat hair fall. It has lots of essential vitamins and proteins which help in hair growth.

  • Make paste with chopped coriander leaves and water, which has to be made to be of juice consistency that has to be filtered to get juice that can be easily applied on the scalp for about an hour before shampooing it off.
  • To increase the benefits being extracted from this juice it is suggested to use them with other type of packs.

For this juice to show its result it is essential to give it nearly 2-3 weeks of time and can be used couple of times in a week or month based on the density at which hair fall occurs.

2. Onion - onion juice can be used to treat hair fall and hair loss issues. In fact many hair tonics for hair loss & hair fall make a use of onion juice and it is clinically proven to work for hair loss. It kind of works as a stimulant in promoting new hair, increases blood circulation and is also an antiseptic and keep scalp cleansed.

  • Take one large onion in blender to make into juice which has to be later filtered to extract juice without pulp so that it will be easy to apply on scalp for about an hour.
  • Though very strong and pungent in odor Onion can also be used in this form with rose water which has to be later washed off after about an hour with herbal shampoo that does not have Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

For this pack to work effectively it is suggested to wait for 2-3 weeks based on the severity of hair fall it is suggested to increase its usage in a week.

3. Curd (yogurt) with Fenugreek (methi) seeds powder – it is very good remedy for hair fall, dandruff and hair loss. Methi seeds contain protein and nicotinic acid which are important for healthy hair growth. If you have an oily scalp avoids curd use water or aloe vera juice instead to make a paste. Fenugreek (methi) seeds powder is easily available in general or super store.

  • Mix fenugreek powder with yogurt based on the hair length to make paste which can be later applied on the scalp to cover entire hair so that it will be conditioned and left so for about an hour but later has to be washed off with herbal shampoo.

For this paste to show its result it might take about 2-3 weeks and has to be used couple of times every week to give the desired output.



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