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How To Qualify For Re Finance Mortgage Rates

Mortgage July 28, 2015 53 Comments

Re-finance mortgage rates are usually based on current interest rates, plus a small addition if one suffers from poor credit. If one financed his property when the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is really high, then one should seek advice from a mortgage calculator, and determine


if re-financing will save ones money.

Now, How To Qualify For Re Finance Mortgage Rates?

More likely if a person’s interest rates for mortgage loan are lowered then it is going to save his money, especially if he is unable to pay it off early. Depending on the amount of current interest he is paying, he could save tens of thousands of dollars by shifting to a new loan that charges less interest.

One may also have equity in his home that can be applied to help him receive the new loan, at the new interest rates. The biggest mistake people use to make when they make loans like this is that they go to a bank, or another lending organization to ask for the loan, and if they are approved they accept whatever the bank charges them without asking  the rate. If the bank denies them loan, then they assume they cannot get a loan, and they continue to pay their original mortgage.

When one is denied a loan of this kind one should smile nicely, and then shop somewhere else. Yes one is shopping; one is shopping for a loan that has the best interest rate for one, and the best terms for one. A person does not rely on the answer from one bank about his re-finance.

One gets answers from numerous banks. Each bank or lender will have slightly different terms, or interest payments that apply to one and ones situation. Interview them so one can take decision who one will give ones business to.

Now a days technology changes tremendously, Technology has given us the internet to use for comparison shopping. It is now so simple to do, we can check out various offers from different banks, while we are sitting at our home.



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