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Smart Activity Tracking Jewelry – Swarovski Shine

Wearable Devices August 5, 2015 73 Comments

The Collection of Swarovski Shine is one of the first activities tracking jewelry collections intended to make you look great every day, all day long, whether for sports, work, leisure, or special occasions. The fully faceted Swarovski Shine Activity Tracking Crystal measures your daily activities and quality of sleep, and syncs wirelessly with ones smart-phone.


The striking looking pendant or bracelet is naturally

aimed at women. It comes with added fitness tracking smarts, with looks dominated by the giant Swarovski crystal. It’s a piece of smart Swarovski jewelry, which has nine supporting accessories and it can be bought as part of a dizzying array of bundles.

The Swarovski Shine jewelry comes in two versions– one of them being a Clear Swarovski Shine with a crystal face, and the second, a Violet Swarovski Shine that uses a patented technology that allows the device to power itself without the need for batteries. Previously, all of Misfit’s small, round Shine devices came with a small tool that allowed you to fairly easily pop open the back and swap out the included battery that powers the device, which could be worn as a wristwatch, necklace, or attached via a magnetic clip to clothing.

Features of Swarovski Shine:

  • Both wearable’s are waterproof
  • Clear Swarovski Shine-uses a battery and boasts an impressive 8 month life and Violet Swarovski Shine is embedded with solar cells, and can charge from the sun’s rays and artificial light. It uses solar tech.
  • It looks great.
  • Set the personal fitness goal and track your everyday activities like running, walking, swimming, etc through Swarovski Shine.
  • You can sleep better.
  • No need to charging it.
  • It has a watch function and has magic sync.

Swarovski Shine is Compatible with following Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 3
  • Google Nexus 4/5
  • iPhone4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus
  • iPad 3/4/Air/Mini
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and above
  • BLE ready Windows Phone running software 8.1 and above.

The Swarovski Shine works with the Misfit App for IOS and Android.

The Swarovski Shine sold in three sets that include two accessories each, ranging from $169.99 to $249.99. The accessories individually range from $69 to $149. You can easily purchase at lowest price from here.



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