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Soundwall – Play Music On A Wall

Technology August 4, 2015 4 Comments

Music lovers who focus on sound can never quite get enough of it. They often want to listen to it for most of the day, whether they are at home, at work, traveling or everywhere they want music. Wireless speakers have aided this attempt for listening at home. A problem permanently solved by Soundwall.


Soundwall art pieces combine a unique visual and audio experience that’s geared towards  art and music aficionado.

“It turns out that a large flat-panel speaker provides better
clarity of sound than many standard wireless speakers …
The entire canvas is the speaker.”
- By Soundwall

The entire Soundwall canvas is a speaker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The surface is the speaker and the internal speaker components sit behind it. Besides media and sound engineering is done in a very technical way.

Soundwall plays music via Apple Airplay, which requires a Mac or newer models of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Windows users can use Airplay via iTunes 11 and up, while Android users are offered a rather technical workaround to stream music to Soundwall using the UPNP protocol.

Soundwall is a wireless speaker and work of art combined which focus on sound. It turns out that a large flat-panel speaker provides better clarity of sound as compare to many standard wireless speakers. This isn’t a canvas with a speaker attached, the entire canvas is the speaker. Because one probably wouldn’t want to have a speaker of between 24″ x 36″ and 40″ x 60″ taking up wall space, the art gives something to look at.

Soundwall prices range from $949 to $2,499 depending on the canvas size that one chooses. User can take benefit and enjoy the soundwall media and sound engineering.



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