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7 tips for summer hair care to keep your hairs healthy

HEALTH & BEAUTY March 4, 2015 127 Comments

Summer makes hair dry and rough. So for healthy hairs during this summer’s use the following simply tips for summer hair care to keep your hairs healthy:tips-for-summer-hair-care-to-keep-your-hairs-healthy_3


1. Cover your hair :

Use a scarf or hat to cover your head when you’re out in the sun specially in summer. Not only does this provide extra UV protection,summer-hair-care-scraf

but it also helps your scalp to retain moisture. A hat reduces damage caused by wind, especially if your hair is prone to tangling, and protects color-treated hair.

2. Use good shampoo :

It’s true that not all shampoos are created equal. Use shampoos which are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic substances – so you can care for your hair.

3. Wash less often :

summer-hair-care-shampooFrequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil  production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more. Try just rinsing in the shower after  a day at the beach or pool, and see if that gets rid of some extra oil. Use a homemade or natural  dry shampoo in place of regular shampoo to go a bit longer without washing.

4. Try a hot oil rinse :

Coconut, olive, and avocado oils are good at penetrating the hair shaft. Shampoo hair as usual, and then work in oil from ends to roots. Rinse, then condition as usual. Your hair should feel moisturized afterward, but not greasy.

5. Add some sunscreen :

There are shampoos that contain UV protection, but most of those are chemical-laden, conventional shampoos that I’d recommend avoiding. One quick way to add some protection is to run your hands lightly through your hair after applying sunscreen to your body.

6. Brush your hair :

summer-hair-care-combBrushing your hair regularly will not only keep it free from knots, but it will stimulate circulation  in the scalp which encourages blood flow to the roots of your hair.

7. Get styling :

With the right styling products you can create a hairstyle that will have everyone talking. It’s super easy to use, and lifts and defines both straight and curly hair plus can be used either wet or dry.Summer makes hair dry and rough .so to keep your hairs healthy and nice during summer’s use the following simply tips

Besides all this Eat healthy, avoid spicy food and keep your skin healthy during summer too. The holy trinity of good health and gorgeous hair holds true for the whole year. So along with all the tips above, don’t forget to eat a balanced diet. For healthy skin during summer you can find here.




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